Registration is Open

Here is the registration process:

Make sure you have an account set up with Competition Suite (you can take care of this right now). If you do not have an active Competition Suite account set one up by visiting and click on the Sign Up button. You will need an active Competition Suite account to register.

Follow this link - Register Here and register as a new ensemble – (If you have a current winter percussion or color guard ensemble in competition suite you may see these old entries but it will be easiest to create a new ensemble for scheduling and data collection purposes). All previous SJVCGPR ensemble information will be invalid/cleared.

You will need to register as a member ensemble. There will be no charge for membership. It will enable registering for multiple shows to be an easier transaction.

Complete all required information

Start a new ensemble for each group entry, ie. Scholastic A color guard, Scholastic A percussion, exhibition color guard etc…

Then you will be able to register for upcoming events.

The deadline for registration will be two weeks prior to the first show. Schedules for show number 1 will be posted or emailed out as close to the end of the registration period as possible.

Registration Steps PDF